Find eBay auctions ending soon with No Bids.

The No Bids search tool is free to use to find eBay auctions that are ending soon and have not had a bid placed on them. See instructions below on how to find eBay bargains.

To get the best results from the no bids eBay search tool follow the instructions below.

  1. Input your desired search criteria. By holding your mouse or tapping the ? marks you will see a tool tip explaining each form field and if it optional or required.
  2. Click the search button and wait a few seconds while the page reloads and the listings with no bids are loaded
  3. You will then see eBay auctions that have no bids and are ending with the shortest time left at the beginning
  4. Click through the listing to view the details and bid directly on eBay.
  5. To search again come back to the top of the page and use the search form to adjust your search criteria.


  • When you get to the bottom of the search results page you will see several rotating orbs. This indicates that more listings are being loaded from eBay. When there are no more listings available for your search the message ‘End of eBay listings’ appears. You can then go back to the top (click the red up arrow) and change your search to see different results.
  • If you leave this page for a while and then come back you will see listings that are marked as ‘Sold’. Simply refresh the page to see the latest eBay search results.

Need More Help?

Detailed instructions can be found here. We have also created some no bid example searches with instructions just for you. If you need any help or find something does not work for you please contact us. We want your experience to always be the best.

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End of eBay listings

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