Misspelled eBay Listings

eBay listings that have typos in the title receive very few bids or no bids at all. That’s because because they are rarely found using the standard eBay search. The search tool below can find real eBay bargains for you to keep or resell.

Basic instructions: 1. Insert the correctly spelled word (eg. iphone, playstation, bicycle, Topps or pokemon etc). 2. Select country and any other filters you require by ticking the box and adding your required search settings. 3. Click search and a new eBay window/tab with misspelled eBay listings will open. If you don’t find what you want just come back to this window and search again. Detailed instruction can be found here.

Tip! If you tick the ‘Bids’ box and set the maximum number to zero bids you will find eBay listings that have typos and no bids.

Search Word

eBay listings with typos are not the only bargains on eBay. You also have the eBay No Bids search tool to explore eBay for more great finds.

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