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eBay Search Tool Instructions

Please read the instructions below as they will help to make your experience here easier and more enjoyable.

Firstly, we do not list or control the items listed on eBay. Nor do we collect any of your information when you are signing in or bidding on any eBay item. Your transactions are with the seller or eBay and with eBay.

No Bids Search Tool

The eBay No Bids Search tool is simple to use, but to start with you should be registered and signed in to your eBay account. The reason for signing in before searching is to avoid disappointment. When you search the first items you see in your search results are ending the soonest, possibly in the next few seconds. If you are not signed into eBay time could run out on an item that you would like to bid on.

When searching you have some options on how to search;
Search Options:
OPTION 1. Select country of eBay site (this is REQUIRED) and select a category and click search.
OPTION 2. Select country of eBay site, select category, type in search word or phrase and click search.

Important Search Requirements

  • If you do not choose a country the search results will default to the eBay United States site.
  • You cannot select a category until you have selected a country.
  • The No Bids tool will not return any search results unless you select at least a category, type in a search word OR both.
  • When inserting a price range DO NOT include currency symbols. The price range will not be applied if you do.
  • Refine your search by selecting country, category and the words you wish to use for searching (keywords).
  • Keyword, Price Range, Shipping and Distance are optional but can help to refine your search results.

No Bid Search Results

When you have clicked the search button you will see the items that match your search criteria below the search form. These items are available for you to bid on at the eBay site. Just click on the item to see it listed on the eBay site.

As you get to the bottom of the page on the No Bids search results additional items will be loaded if they are available. Be patient, sometimes it takes a few seconds for them to load. To go back to the top and search again click ‘BACK TO TOP’ bar shown at the bottom of the page. Now you have the idea go over to the No Bids search page and find yourself a bargain!

Misspelled Items Search Tool

You can also find great deals using the Misspelled eBay listings search tool.

Instructions: To begin login to or create your eBay account. You will be ready to bid or buy.

Insert the correctly spelled word of item you want to search for (eg. playstation) and then select the country and criteria you wish to use for search then click ‘search’. Your results will open in a new tab/window on the eBay site with a list of items that have spelling mistakes relevant to what you searched for. When you want to search again just go back to tab/page on the No Bids site and input your new information.

TIP! Experiment with the different filters available to refine your search. You may be surprised at what you can find that others are not seeing or bidding on.

So find some bargains now using the Misspelled Search Tool

Most Watched Items Tool

This is a very useful tool if you are thinking of selling something on eBay or you are just curious as to what is popular at the moment. Very easy to use. Just select your desired eBay country and the category and click search. You can then click on the items listed to see them on the eBay site.

Try the Most Watched Tool today.

TIPS! Items listed may not be being sold by someone in your country selection but are available through the site you chose.

Most Bids Search

The Most Bids search tool shows you the items that have the highest NUMBER OF BIDS, not the highest priced bids. All the items are currently live on eBay.

To use the tool you need to select at least a country and a category. Including a keyword or phrase will refine your search results. When you click search you will be presented with items that are currently being bid on at eBay. You can view the items on eBay by clicking on them.

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